how to make songkolo

Songkolo bagadang is a black sticky rice is eaten with a sprinkling of coconut / companion serundeng with salted fish and stir-fry sauce. Typically packaged using banana leaves. In Makassar, snacks are usually sold at the start of the night until morning. So the workers who work while staying up so this meal. Well songkolo own means sticky rice, while bagadang yaaa means staying up too …

To make this sticky rice must be mixed with white sticky rice. The comparison can be half-half or one third and two-thirds of black sticky rice and white sticky rice. This is to get the perfect flavor fluffier. If I make it just wrote to make white sticky rice. Rice is first soaked overnight. After it is steamed. At half-cooked glutinous rice with coconut milk drizzle that has been spiked with a little dilute salt. Then continue steaming until done. Well serundeng songkolo friends this is characteristic of savory and sweet. So the use of adjustable red sugar alone. The texture should not be too dry. The origin of coconut is not visible clotted and had scattered it is ripe. The following recipe but not use doses. I’m feeling aja pake …

Serundeng materials:
– Coconut and a half old, the skin peeled and grated
– Galangal, geprek
– Lemongrass, geprek
– 1 teaspoon tamarind water
– Brown sugar
– salt

– Large red chilli
– Red onion
– Garlic
– coriander
– pepper
– kencur

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– turmeric

How to make:

A. Mix the ground spices, tamarind water, brown sugar crushed with coconut. Stir stir.
2. Heat a skillet over medium heat. Enter serundeng materials. Add lemongrass and galangal.
3. Toasted, stirring frequently, stirring constantly to prevent burning the bottom. Once the texture is somewhat dry and the smell is fragrant turn down the heat. Serundeng prepared sauce served with sticky rice and salted fish.


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