between two options

Living simply provides two options, really love to live life as it is or do not love him. If you can not love life, then we will only gain a sense of grievances which certainly far from feeling the joy of life.

Got a problem with a zest for life? Down in the mouth are often made, with a pile of problems that always come unrelenting barrage, shortness of breath seemed to make, solitude, loneliness, and loneliness are often made without a blaze swept away in resignation spirit alive. Each of us have ever felt it, there is often a mistake in accepting all of which have outlined the Almighty, in the absence of resources and efforts to change something that is an obstacle to be something that fits with the hope that is implied.

If only we ourselves can love this life, certainly we think that we are not alone in this life, despite all our troubles there may be others who are more difficult, we are certainly behind the solitude there are still others who feel it, misery behind us of course there are still people other than feel more sorrow than we are. In conclusion there are many others who have similar problems. However, there is not a solution!

Almost everyone has experienced down naikknya passions result of various factors, whether it be work, family, or personal problems. “That’s just common place,” because it is a human thing. However, although common, “impotence” of life should be treated.

Perhaps the best way to cope with the base immediately fix the problem, the motivation to live. That’s the roots that make up the passion for life. Systematically, the motivation is to map the concept of “thanksgiving blessing” that must accept everything I have outlined the Creator, by trying to change it in the form of business, accompanied by prayers, Insha Allah with His permission would meperoleh best solution in accordance with our expectations all.

Basically there are bebarapa it might make us more loving life, including:

Understand life as a blessing. However our condition, or any of our work, whether businessmen, office workers, to unskilled laborers though, is the grace of God. Grace we receive unconditionally, just like breathing oxygen and air at no cost a dime.

Talent and intelligence that allows us to work is a gift. With work, we receive a salary to meet the needs of everyday life. With the work we have many friends and acquaintances, have a chance to increase knowledge and insight, and much more. All of that grace to be thankful for.

Understand life as a mandate. However, our living conditions, with different jobs, such as clerks, civil servants or members of the House though. all are trustworthy. Clerk to get the trust of the owner of the store. Civil servants receive a mandate from the state. House members receive a mandate from the people. Of this should make us who should be able to run with all my heart and away from the disgraceful actions of any kind. In this course, every member has an positioning and rules for living, so it is not always contrary to nature as a creation of the Creator.

Understand life as an actualization. Whatever the condition, it is a form of self-actualization. Although sometimes makes us tired, such as trying to keep the best way to develop your own potential and make us feel “there”. However it is far more rewarding than sitting blank for no reason.

Naturally, self-actualization is part of the psychosocial needs of humans. With effort, working for example, a person can shake hands with fellow memperkenlkan themselves.

Understanding of life as worship. With no care whatever our religion or belief, all beings in this world should live their lives by certain rules that have been outlined. Seeks to live by His precepts will harmonize in all aspects of the course is a worship.

Understand life as a form of service. However our condition or our jobs, everything can be understood as devotion to one another and of course the Creator. Rest assured, that each of us was created by the Almighty with the desire to do good comes.

In essence we choose to love with gratitude or mengkufuri with disappointment. For example in our work we are not just for food, but also the search for meaning. On average we spend 30 – 40 years to work. After the retirement, and seniors, and returned to the presence of God. “Human beings are meaning-seeking beings. We have to think, to what spent 40 years working for example, which is a very long time.

There are two simple rules so we can get excited about in life. First, look for a decent life in accordance with the wishes and expectations are supported by existing conditions, so life will be felt as a fun activity.

If only the first rule we do not obtain, use the second rule, ie, we must learn to love life that have been outlined to us. Because however of course we have been trying to get what we expect, but this should not we get, whether it’s because of a pending case or as a test of life.

Sometimes we can not love this life because it has not been properly in depth. “We must learn to love that we have with all its shortcomings.” However, in this life, sometimes we do have to do many things that we do not like. But we have no other choice. We might not want to just delicious. For example, if you like to eat fish, we must be willing to meet thorn. ”

In the world of work, spines can appear in various forms. The salary is small, unpleasant co-workers, bosses who are less empathic, and much more. However, it was from here we will be forged to become more resilient and understand the true meaning of life. Wallahualam.

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